Attentive to the global trends that nowadays dynamize business risk, it develops a consulting work that aims at the structuring of business, the protection of companies, their partners and administrators.

He began his career in the office of lawyer Alexandre Marcondes Filho, one of the authors of the draft Bankruptcy Law of 1945. Since then he began to see the susceptibility of companies and businessmen in the face of the complexity of the business world. His work was mainly in the consulting of projects and business affairs, as well as in legal proceedings for moratorium and bankruptcy, having also held several positions as commissary and trustee for the trust and appointment of some judges of this Capital.

He graduated from the Mackenzie Law School in 1984. He holds a postgraduate degree in Civil Law with qualification for teaching by the Law School – São Francisco – USP. He has been registered with the Brazilian Bar Association under the number 82,688 since 1985.

He is an associate of the São Paulo Lawyers Institute (IASP), a member of the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) and an associate of the Center for the Study of Law Firms (CESA).